Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron: Which is better?

Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron

Today, a healthy lifestyle is, on the one hand, a consumer trend, and on the other, it is one of the attributes of status in society. As always, buyers are an important price when choosing a product, but today it is far from the only factor in choosing food. Nowadays, time is also an important aspect, which is why companies that offer food sets with recipes have become popular in the service market.

This review will discuss 2 competing companies: Hello Fresh vs Blue Apron.

HelloFresh and BlueApron have gained widespread popularity due to their concept. Such a concept consists in proposing to solve a problem, the existence of which customers were not even aware of. Hello Fresh and Blue Apron will deliver you a box with a strictly measured volume of ingredients and step-by-step recipes. After spending half an hour or hour slicing onions and baking meat, you get an original dinner for one person or the whole family. Both Hello Fresh and Blue Apron services work by subscription, which can be done online or through a mobile app. It is you who choose the days when companies should bring such a box and every week you will be sent new recipes.

Consumers have become much more conscious and advanced. They read the composition of products, look for reviews on the Internet, some track the number of consumed proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and study information on the effect of food ingredients on their health. All of this provides great opportunities for brands to differentiate their products as more natural and healthy. For example, Hello Fresh meals are varied, healthy and suitable for any person with any requests. All that need to do is choose the type of menu at Hello Fresh website that suits you personally. You can choose a classic or vegan option. Having ordered a box with such dishes, you can be sure of a careful selection of products for the proposed meal and the type of menu.

Review of the Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh Box

The ancients people said: you are what you eat. The modern survey acknowledges this affirmation. Not only health and longevity but also mood depend on the a balanced nutrition. In recent years, people are less likely to distinguish proper nutrition from diets for weight loss. An improperly selected diet for weight loss can only harm the body. A healthy diet can solve many health troubles, and the sooner you begin to adhere to the principles of a rational diet, the better. A balanced menu, which is offered at Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, will help not only bring the weight back to normal but also significantly improve well-being. Based on the concept of a healthy menu, Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are carefully designed their offer. If we talk about Blue Apron review, then we can find inside the meal kit the following:

  • exquisite recipes from world chefs with easy-to-explain instructions;
  • precisely packaged products in grams, which will avoid wasting of products;
  • high-grade and fresh ingredients to your dish;
  • in biodegradable packaging, you will find ice that helps foods stay fresh until you get the box and start cooking.

And if you look at Hello Fresh review of the meal kit, there you can find:

  • step-by-step recipes with accurate nutrition information;
  • high-quality and environmentally friendly products that are exported directly from farms;
  • very comfortable food sets that fit in your fridge without any problems;
  • a fascinating cooking experience that will help you feel like a chef.

As you can see by the structure of the food boxes, the Blue Apron and Hello Fresh companies are a bit similar. Which company to choose? Let’s consider further.

Difference between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh

A dynamic way of modern life leaves little time for anyone to cook homemade food. Snacks on the run, purchase of convenience foods, unbalanced food in your dishes. All this leads to negative consequences, of which even weight gain is not the worst in comparison with other diseases. And for someone cooking refers to the routine and hated housework. There are companies such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, which help to solve this problem. You can ask: how to choose the right a company? Here is a matter of taste. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh companies provide a meal plan on their official website of the same name, where you can view food options and the type of meal. 


Blue Apron offers its customers a variety of dishes, depending on how many people you want to make an order. If you order for 2 people, the Blue Apron offers you 8 options for dishes in a classic theme. And if you order a family option, the Blue Apron will offer you to choose from 6 dishes. In all of these options, you can find pure vegetarian dishes and those dishes where the number of calories is minimal. 

Hello Fresh also offers its customers 17 dish options per week. Such dishes can satisfy almost everyone. The Hello Fresh company has a family version of dinner, as well as vegetarian, dishes with a minimum amount of calories and dishes for gourmet with delicious recipes every week.

The products that are delivered from Hello Fresh and Blue Apron to you are fresh (vegetables, chilled meat, poultry, and fish). They are well preserved during the week, as the menu is made taking into account safety.

If compare Blue Apron or Hello Fresh recipes, you can find differences in cooking. The Blue Apron company is more focused on traditional and classic cuisine. The recipes of Blue Apron company include well-known dishes, but each recipe has its piquant note, which will allow you to take a different look at a traditional dish. The Hello Fresh company uses very simple and uncomplicated recipes that are very easy to prepare. Thus, potential customers save even more time on cooking their dinner with Hello Fresh. Therefore, if you have a lot of time and love to cook, then you should sign up for meal kits from Blue Apron. 

For a more detailed acquaintance with the proposed products and types of menus, you should visit the official website or mobile application of Blue Apron or Hello Fresh company. The Blue Apron and Hello Fresh websites also show the cost of each box that you choose, as well as the total amount for several boxes that will be delivered to you within one week. By registering on the website, you can already order your favorite meal plan. Also, the history of your orders will be available to you with the recipes attached to them and the necessary ingredients for cooking. If you want to get additional information and information that you are interested in you can contact customer support and operators will help you to resolve your issues.


Probably the decisive aspect in choosing a suitable company is the price. Speaking of Hello Fresh prices, it should be noted that it is cheaper to take a box 3 or 4 times a week (depending on the type of food plan), as well as for a larger number of people. The price from these changes too. So for each set of “Family Friendly” that goes for 2 people 2 times a week, you will pay $ 11. And for the same set but which is designed for 4 people and will be delivered 4 times a week, you will pay only 7.50 dollars. It should be noted that the delivery of Hello Fresh is paid and is $ 7, regardless of the number of orders.

If we talk about Blue Apron prices, then they also vary depending on the number of people and ordered boxes per week, but the difference is mainly in delivery. By ordering, for example, the Freestyle kit, which is designed for 2 people and will be delivered only 2 times a week, you will pay $ 18. The same set, but with arranged delivery 3 times a week, will cost you 10 dollars. This is all because in the second case, delivery is free. The amount of delivery everywhere is 8 dollars.

In conclusion, we want to note that Hello Fresh and Blue Apron has its pros and cons. Respectively, only you can choose which company is better and which is worse. People have different tastes and needs, so Blue Apron and Hello Fresh companies has their dedicated customers.