Home Chef vs Hello Fresh

Food accompanies all important events in human life and is an integral part of our life. That is why companies that are engaged in the field of nutrition have always been popular. With the dynamic development of our lives, the proposals of companies engaged in this field develop and change. In recent years, the service for the delivery of a finished meal kit with the attached recipes has begun to gain popularity. Many companies around the world have begun to promote this service.

This review will examine two competing companies: Home Chef vs Hello Fresh.

What does a modern family need to be happy? Besides health, financial well-being and stability, of course, time, the usual time that they can spend together. But just think how much time the average person spends cooking dinners because apart from cooking, you also need to buy food and choose a new and original recipe on the Internet.

About 3 hours a day are spent on these far from exciting activities. How to achieve family happiness and spend more time with family without compromising healthy eating?

There are very few ways: the first, and the most common is ordering fast food at home. Probably each of us ordered sushi or pizza at home, especially when the guests suddenly came unexpectedly, but are you sure of the quality of the products these dishes are made of? What is hidden under the delicious processed cheese, which covers the entire surface of the pizza? We suggest not thinking about this terrible issue, and move on to the second method: ordering products in an online store. Of course, this will not eliminate the search for recipes, or reduce the cooking time, but will remove the responsibility for shopping.

And the third, most convenient and optimal way: ordering the meal kits and recipes by Home Chef or Hello Fresh. Just imagine, when ordering delivery of the box, you get sets of farm products with detailed photo recipes. A variety of breakfasts, dinners, soups, and desserts allow you to forget about finding recipes for a long time.

Each box from Home Chef or Hello Fresh contains a separate package for each dinner. It contains all the necessary ingredients for cooking, such as sauces, spices, meat, vegetables, and cereals. Each dinner is accompanied by a detailed photo recipe. You do not just get the taste of restaurant dishes at home, but save a ton of time. Now restaurant-quality dishes can be prepared at home even by a novice culinary specialist.

Using the services of Home Chef or Hello Fresh is not just food delivery, it is guaranteed to deliver the best products for your family. Why should you go to restaurants if your home food tastes better?! With Home Chef and Hello Fresh, cooking at home is a pleasure!

Hello Fresh vs Home Chef: a review of the meal kits

Hello Fresh company provides its customers with proven vegetarian, tested anti-allergic and most importantly balanced products that will help you quickly and without any hassle to prepare various dishes to your taste.

Hello Fresh company has several meal versions.

For example:

  • organic;
  • vegetarian;
  • omnivore;
  • seafood;
  • fowl.

To order a box, you will first need to choose a nutrition plan. Hello Fresh offers 3 types of such a plan:

  • the Family plan allows you to prepare a terrific dinner for all family members, including children. Hello Fresh serving it for 4 people.
  • the Veggie plan allows you to cook a balanced vegetarian dinner for 2 or 4 people.
  • the Classic plan allows you to prepare an elegant and healthy dinner for 2 or 4 people.

These nutrition plans are very flexible. You can easily add or change the recipe with products offered to you at the Hello Fresh website. Only changes must be made 5 days before the next delivery. When you receive the box from Hello Fresh that you ordered, then in it, you will find high-quality and environmentally friendly products that are exported directly from farms. As well as you can find there step-by-step recipes with accurate information about cooking these dishes.

Home Chef also offers its customers organic products with various cooking options. The Home Chef company has developed very affordable recipes, with the help of which even an inexperienced person can cook an amazing dinner for himself.

The Home Chef company also has several meal versions.

Such as:

  • weight loss;
  • fowl;
  • vegan;
  • vegetarian;
  • organic.

The Home Chef company does not have a clear menu plan. You can choose any dishes for the week that you like at the Home Chef website.

Also, chefs from the HomeChef.com can choose a recipe for you based on those products that you like. When ordering online, you can specify which type of meat you like or which vegetables and so on. The chef will recommend you an amazing recipe in which your favorite ingredients will be poured.

When you receive the box, you will see beautifully packaged fresh products in it, as well as recipes. The recipes for all the dishes are quite simple and you will not spend more than half an hour for cooking the dish.

After doing compare Home Chef and Hello Fresh meal kits can see that they are a bit similar. Home Chef and Hello Fresh firms offer a diverse assortment of dishes. The ingredient component of dishes (vegetables, porridge, poultry, pasta, meat, etc.) and the style of their preparation (Traditional, American, Italian cuisine, etc.) are almost repeated. But Home Chef still offers more variety in the number of dishes than Hello Fresh. Home Chef leads in this regard.

Hello Fresh vs Home Chef Comparison: how to choose the right one?

If we familiarized ourselves with the products and types of nutrition of the represented companies, it remains to pay attention to prices and other treats. Both companies delight their customers with gifts. Home Chef presents three free meals on the first delivery to your home.

To use this gift, you must specify the secret coupon code that will appear after you register on the official website of the Home Chef company or in the mobile app. And Hello Fresh periodically distributes vouchers or coupons for various dishes on Hello Fresh website or in the mobile application.

Speaking about the cost of production, here it is almost identical in both companies. Thus, if compare Home Chef and Hello Fresh, then the difference between the meal kits will be only a couple cents. But there is a difference in delivery. The Home Chef always delivers its box to customers door for free, and the Hello Fresh only from a certain number of servings per week. Otherwise, you will have to pay $ 7 for delivery. If you have questions or want to get additional information you can contact customer support and employees of each company will help you to resolve your problem.

Summing up, we want to note that each company is good in its way. Each company values its reputation and the health of its customers, so it makes great efforts to maintain its service at the highest level. The small advantage in the type of range of dishes provided has Home Chef. Based on this, this company leads in this dispute.

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